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Do words or letters appear to jump or move on a page (like above)?

Do you have light sensitivity?

Do you struggle with migraines or eyestrain from reading, homework, computer work or fluorescent lighting?

Or perhaps you are dealing with the perceptual distortions that often follow a stroke, concussion or other brain injury?

This may be a visual processing issue which is a neurological condition characterized by hyperactivity of the brain's visual cortex. When this area is not processing visual information properly, the result is visual and perceptual distortions.

It is possible that precision coloured filters can help. Lisa's Holistic Rehab & Neurofeedback can find the right coloured filter for you and work with your optometric team or refer you to a qualified team to find the right solution.

Here is the process:

A screening by clinician to see if you can benefit from precision colored filters.

Get an updated vision prescription from the Optometrist and get measurement information.

A 90 min colorimetry test by clinician is done to determine the precise coloured filters from over 100,000 different colour combinations. A trial pair is worn to verify the effectiveness of the filters in different environments and the client makes a decision to purchase or not.

Buy your frames from your optician or one of our partners. Your colour prescription is sent to the lab to prepare the filters. They can add your vision prescription as well if that is needed. Once the filters are returned, the trained optician puts the lenses in your frame.

Note: These look like coloured sunglasses but you do not notice that they are tinted when looking through them (that's how you know you have the right colour). Your prescription may have some UV protection but it is not enough to consider them sunglasses.