Lisa’s Holistic Rehab and Neurofeedback is now offering kinesiology services!


What is Kinesiology?

The word comes from the Greek word “kinesis” which means “to move.” So, kinesiology, in its simplest definition, is the study of human movement.

What Does a Kinesiologist Do? (according to the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance - C.K.A.)

  • University-educated health professionals
  • Kinesiologists apply movement science and exercise to encourage health and wellbeing; prevent, manage and rehabilitate injuries; treat illness and chronic disease; and restore function to optimize human performance in all settings.
  • Kinesiologists are human movement specialists that use research and science to offer movement as medicine to any person who want a hands-on, personalized approach. They use interventions that include physical activity,
  • Kinesiologists work with people of all ages, and physical abilities to improve a person’s quality of life

Our kinesiologists are members in good standing of both national and provincial (NS, NB, PEI) kinesiology associations.


Our kinesiologists are certified PoNS™ trainers and provide treatment for our PoNS™ clients.

They are experienced in exercise programming for healthy, injured and chronic populations.

They can help you on your health journey by:

  • providing exercise prescription and education
  • incorporating more movement into your life
  • helping you adopt a more active lifestyle, reduce risk factors for chronic disease, manage chronic disease, and/or regain function due to that old, nagging injury or assist in your rehabilitation plan after injury, illness or surgery.

We can provide something as simple as a walking plan to increase tolerance and endurance, accountability to get your movement in; or introduce you to exercise and how to make it a safe and healthy part of your life. We can also help with pain management and functional movement patterns.

Book online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our kinesiologists where we can discuss your needs and goals and, together, come up with a plan that meets both. From there, you can schedule a thorough assessment to determine the best starting point for this new aspect of your health journey. We look forward to working with you.

Please check out this fact sheet on kinesiology provided by the C.K.A. for more information on kinesiology and kinesiologists.